Benefits of sealing concrete

Concrete floors are very tough but very easily stained and damaged due to its porosity. The main reason to have your concrete sealed is to protect your floor from Chemicals, Oils, Fluids, Dirt and other contaminants. Almost all damage to concrete floor are attributable to moisture intrusion:alkali-silica reaction, chemical intrusion, harsh weather, and corrosion of reinforcements. To protect your concrete floor from costly damage call Pro Pressure Cleaning Solutions to seal it.

Sealer is a protective coating that goes over the concrete and fills all the gaps and stops contaminants from entering into your floor. Stain protection is the main reason for protecting your floor and at the same time it beautify and increases your property’s value. Floor sealing is simple and very affordable .New concrete floor should be sealed upon completion and old concrete floor should be sealed every 18 to 24 months depends on level of traffic.